Not in My Wildest Dreams

I’m not much for analyzing my dreams, but I do think there might be something to the recurring dream.  My friend Stephanie and I share the recurring dream of heading to an exam we didn’t study for…Maybe we haven’t even been attending classes… Further, we didn’t even know we registered for the class!   Both of us, with our control issues,  do not care for this dream.  The scary recurring dreams are the ones where danger lurks, and it’s time to move…quickly, yet my legs won’t.  It’s as if I am stuck in slow motion.  I told my daughter, Elise (a psychology major) that I have a recurring dream that I am in a new house and upon wandering discover new rooms, not ordinary rooms but rooms that are large and usually furnished  elaborately.  It was the first time I had articulated this to anyone. After our conversation I got curious and googled “dreams about extra rooms in houses.”  To my delight it is “a thing.” I texted Elise: Extra rooms in a house= unexplored aspects of self.  She was underwhelmed…as anyone in their early 20’s would be as self exploration is their current journey. Pleased with this analysis, I read no further. I imagine my subconscious saying, you have aspects of yourself, at the ripe old age of 60, that you have yet to explore. That’s rather exciting.  Now, to figure out what they are.

4 thoughts on “Not in My Wildest Dreams

  1. Oh my! I never thought to google my dreams and find out what the themes mean! I love this interpretation that you stumbled upon. Maybe your writing this month will help you explore those unexplored territories.


  2. Even though I saw “underwhlemed” you got me, as I read it as overwhelmed, anticipating she would share in your joy. Aren’t the recurring dreams about school funny? I too have a dream sometimes I did not show up for class and paid for it and was having finals on it. I’ll have to google that meaning. It is Exciting to think that there are aspects of self still waiting to be explored! Especially as it comes through in the form of a house with many rooms! Sounds like a novel in the making….


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