A Daily Walk

On today´s neighborhood walk, I bundled up in my coat, winter hat and I wrapped that long woolly scarf around my neck and up to my chin. I attached my earbuds to my phone and clicked on my favorite Spotify playlist.  I look forward to my daily walk. I have walked the same path for so many years. Today, I will take a detour. Times are changing and so must I. Today I noticed that the crocuses that were just buds a few days ago are fully bloomed.  Is there any truer, more vivid color than a flower? The next house had daffodils, the baby ones. I love flowers, but I am no expert. The same boys are playing street hockey in the driveway; they even have their Ranger jerseys on! Kids have started to decorate their driveways with chalk, one I particularly liked said, Be Kind, Be Strong.  The longer I walked, the longer the sun warmed my body; I removed my hat, then the scarf. My mind started listing all the things we can still do in the natural world: tend our gardens, take long walks, wave to neighbors, play catch with our family. As I pulled into my driveway, I saw my daughters have decorated the driveway with a chalky garden.  Happy Spring, I thought.

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