Missing the Routine

This is something I wrote a few weeks ago in my writing journal. The prompt reads: Write a short piece using the following line from Woolf´s To the Lighthouse for inspiration: ¨Little Daily Miracles¨

Alarm goes off

Make the least offensive ring tone STOP

Check weather app, 2 emails and rustle up the energy to get out of bed

Open the closet to select one of my outfits

I still fit in my clothes; some tight yet they still fit.

Lucky to have a profession that isn´t a slave to fashion

I can wear my sneakers today if I like, with dress pants

Itś bad.

In front of the bathroom mirror, I start the ritural

Enjoy doing the facial lotions, the make-up

Mascara for $2.99 at Marshall´s looks good, one stroke tops and bottoms

Shuffle to the kitchen, turn on the light

A new day dawns

Itś quiet; itś peaceful.

Move along, I have a place to go

Despite the constant hustle, here I am needed; I am capable.

I am surrounded by children who mostly smile and enjoy life.

Yes, I glimpe out the window to the wonders of the natural world and wish

I could throw on my coat and get some fresh air.

But the day can end at 4; it doesn´t, but it could.

I get in my 200,000 plus mile Subaru. Itś got gas, the parts are mostly new

And I have myself a nice commute, no traffic, no lights

Everyday brings new adventures and challenges. Still love teaching

I look forward to returning to quiet evenings at home

Where I can layer the covers in winter

Lean on my backrest, maybe read a few chapters before the melatonin sets in.

Little Daily Miracles.

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