We Love This Ride We Take Together

We click on the neon colored life vests

Race across the kiddy pool to the entrance

And gently drift into the vigorous current

Of the not-so Lazy River ride

Water guns aim

Bored lifeguards daydream

Speakers blare Beach Boys tunes,

Plastic palm trees line the course

Water filled coconuts wait to drench

We love this long and winding 

lazy river ride

We float past the exit, again and again

We promise to return someday


One decade later we return

The children are young adults now.

We trade our sweaty clothes for our bathing suits

Once again, the water rejuvenates these irritated travelers

The sun sets and the park begins to empty

We save the best for last

Aware of how much time has passed

We snap on our neon colored life vests

(Larger sizes this time)

We slip into the current and float

Heads tilted back, feet lifted

We travel on this fast paced river ride

Again and again, we float past the exit 

Don’t let this moment end

The warm bath-like water soothes

Envelopes us

So much has happened in these ten years

Life keeps flowing like this lazy river

4 thoughts on “We Love This Ride We Take Together

  1. I love the idea of knowing when you’re in a moment and trying to hang on and absorb. It goes well with the lazy river analogy. It all goes by so fast. You grow up hearing that but until you’re in it with kids of your own, I don’t think the depth of that sentiment really sinks in. Thanks for sharing your poem. Good stuff!


    1. Yes, that is exactly what I was trying for- moments you don´t want to end, yet knowing that holding on is impossible. Thank you for taking the time to respond so thoughtfully.


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