DIY sounds more like a word than an abbreviation. DIY is a funny word in my home. My daughters like to tease me about my DIY gifting, home decor and fashion. Upcycling may be the more correct term for transforming a t-shirt to a tank top. Recently two students made reference to DIY, clearly a household word for them. When describing the Native American approach to clothing, Sara said they liked to DIY. In my head I imagined the Natives doing anything but DIY! I looked over Adamś shoulder and noticed the word ¨makeshift¨ in his nonfiction piece, used to describe one of Lincoln´s early homes. Concerned that he might be plagiarizing, I questioned,¨Do you know what makeshift means?¨ ¨DIY,¨ he responded.

DIY ers like myself love a jar of Modge Podge, considering all surfaces for potential personalizing. DIY ers say things like, ¨I could make that.¨ I am not an artist by any means, and I am not even particularly crafty. My DIY projects are quick and satisfying. Perfect they are not, I admit as I gaze at the uneven hem of my curtains.

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