Slice of Life, Day 1

This morning I headed into the shower after a good nightś sleep.  I am so grateful for my hot shower I would write if I were faithful to my gratitude journal. As I enjoyed the hot stream of water, I remembered that Today is March 1st.  I´ve been waiting on you, March 1st, like I do every year.  Nothing screams “Spring is around the corner¨ like March 1st. Never mind the March comes in like a lion axiom.  Instead, hooray for waking up to birds chirping; green grass that needs mowing; and longer daylight hours. As I stepped out of the shower, I thought, Oh, no- Today is March 1st.  Today starts the Slice of Life challenge. Wait, I’m not mentally prepared. This is always my default.   If I remembered yesterday that today was Day One, I would have mentally prepared myself. I would not have sat feet prompted on the couch reading and watching Netflix for so very long.  I should have begun my draft. I should have brainstormed topics for this busy week ahead.  Being mentally prepared is my excuse for not diving in but rather slowly entering the pool one toe at a time.  Yet, ready or not, March 1st is here.

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